Who We Are
PENGTU English leads education innovation with an international concept and advanced interactive experience. Focus on developing courses and learning styles suitable for Chinese students, and help students to develop English thinking skills and application skills on the basis of learning English subject knowledge.
Our Vision
1、Children's happiness in learning.
2、Books that infiltrate the minds of children.
3、A broader mind and an understanding of the world.
4、Give children more possibilities in the future.
Our Teachers
I always wished I could help the children from non English-speaking countries to learn English easily and efficiently. Pengtu made this wish a reality I value every day.
I enjoy teaching in Pengtu, and I believe everyone has their own method to learn. If we use the correct method to teach, nothing is hard to learn.
My teaching style is full of energy and very student focused, and I find great pleasure in teaching children in Pengtu. Best choice ever!
Original Textbooks


ALO7 is the largest K12 digital English Language Teaching (ELT) content producer...

Story Central

Story Central is a beautiful six-level series in American English that fosters a love...


Teach kids to read with fun Phonics Activities, Phonics Videos, Phonics..

Provide Each Child With individualized Course
Major Courses
Improving child’s English proficiency through Pengtu’s unique courses
Live Courses
Improving child’s listening skills through one-on-many foreign teaching courses
Minor Courses
Improving child’s spoken English through one-on-one foreign teaching courses
Testing Courses
Evaluating child’s learning outcome and adjusting his/her learning progress
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Fenghua Campus
Add:3F, Intime Commercial Building, No.156-6 Guangping Road, Fenghua District
Tel:0574 8913 4624
Ningbo Jiangbei Campus:
Add:5th Floor, Building 7, Fortune Center, North Shore, Jiangbei District
Tel:400 0574 705
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